Mentorship Program-Week 1

CLIMB DTU has started its mentorship program on the 1st of February. In this program, women of DTU meet, connect and learn from each other. The program also helps girls address challenges like grabbing good internships and how to finesse interviews while applying for the same.

The first week of the program began with a meeting where our mentors introduced themselves. Every mentor is assigned with three mentees because it helps us connect with our mentors and co-mentees more deeply.

My mentor is Ridhima Jain, who is currently working as an intern at Microsoft and is a mentee herself. We also had a small introductory meeting where I met my mentor and my co-mentees.

The key points that we discussed in the meeting are as follows:-

  1. Data Structures and Algorithms is a crucial subject that requires constant practice.
  2. Solve few questions on a particular programming language every day.
  3. Learn a programming language and master it. It is not necessary to learn every language.
  4. Participate in contests to increase your ratings.
  5. CGPA is important.
  6. Resume should be good for a positive first impression.

Further, we also discussed internships and the whole process that one goes through to secure a good internship offer in the third year.

We also talked about internship offers specifically for women including Amazewow for Amazon, STEP internship for Google, Shecodes for Adobe, etc.

The first week went pretty well and was very informative. I hope that by the end of the program, I would be able to learn something new from it.